“We finally got what we were looking for. Dove head first into chaos and came out with an organized and executable plan that the entire organization actually followed.  Ability to build trust and instill confidence with individuals at all levels across the organization."

--Director of R&D, Fortune 500 medical device company.”

“Quickly grasps complex issues and large volumes of technical information, then consolidates and transforms into key messages and decisions that are easy for others to understand.”

--VP Operations, Fortune 500 medical device company

“Team builder and people developer, instills trust across the organization.  Mentored individuals in technical rigor and critical thinking.  Taught our team how to make data-based decisions and then clearly communicate rationale.”

-- Program Manager, Fortune 500 medical device company

“Ability to rally a large group of individuals with disparate opinions and backgrounds toward a shared commitment. A compliance mind-set coupled with creative solutions.”

-- Product Development Manager, medical device company

“Strategic.  Considers long-term consequences and weighs them against the urgency at hand.  Clearly articulates choices and drives consensus.”

-- Program Manager, medical device company

“Transferred a new product to our manufacturing site in full compliance with our Quality Management System. The ability to usher in change and engage key players during the process made the difference.”

-- Documentation Manager, Fortune 500 medical device company